Due Date (2010) Review

Due Date

Most likely, those who hear the name of Zach Galifianakis until last year was going to ask: “Zach what? Who’s that? “. And it could be different, after all, even with a filmography somewhat bulky, lacked an American comedian who hit the submit to the general public. For this turn in his career came with the hilarious Hangover (2009) , one of the best comedies to hit theaters in recent years, with charismatic characters, scenes really able to spark laughter and break, the revelation Galifianakis’s talent. Since then, the actor became regulars on the comedy shows and has amended a number of projects for the cinema.

The first post-movie stardom Galifianakis is Due Date (2010), comedy that marks the meeting of the new star in Todd Phillips, the director of Hangover. If this new partnership could generate double expectations, they increased exponentially with the presence of Robert Downey Jr., an actor more interesting in the role of costar. Unfortunately, A Journey of Birth is only the promise. Even with all this talent involved, it is an uneven comedy and only sporadically funny, in which history does not work on your goals and narrative jokes seem like warmed-over from other productions.

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Cold Storage – Fantaspoa 2010

Interesting avenues of terror and gore comedy that Cold Storage, Tony Elwood, proposes. It is the story of Melissa Adams, who after being involved in a serious car accident that cost him his life, is rescued by Clive Mers, a mountain hermit. Clive (exemplary performance by Nick Searcy) decides to take care of the body feeding it and taking out the city – while in his dementia thinks it is another woman. The sister and former boyfriend of Melissa depart for the small rural town, where weirdness is something common to all. The search takes them to the cottage of Clive, where the animal will pick up.

The film manages to maintain tension in the viewer into the scene and the next, making people laugh. Hitchcock’s influence – especially in “Psycho” – is clear, but the narrative of Tony Elwood has its own name, not a mere pastiche. Tony was also smart enough not to bog down your movie with sex scenes, which is done by most of his co-gender, and that ends, often shifting the focus of the film – sales tactic, of course. Although the first sequence (prologue) proves absolutely unnecessary, Cold Storage Camden meets just by giving new life to a film that sometimes seems to choke.

Cold Storage (2006) – Horror / Thriller – USA – 97 min.

Movie Fantaspoa seen in 2010 – International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre. (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

Official Site: http://www.coldstoragethemovie.com/


Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) is a fun – but too silly – comedy in which three friends over the nephew of one of them (half of which enters in this story) get together to relive the old days in a ski resort. Once there, the ski are so many memories good and bad is falling apart, decaying. Medium without having to do all four if they play in the defective whirlpool room’s balcony (the hot tub of the title) after suffering a short, becomes a time machine (a time machine of the title) . Thus, the four are catapulted into 1986, exactly the year that changed – or not changed, depending on your point of view – their lives.

The cool movie begins with the actors. We have John Cusack in the role of Adam, a successful man in monetary terms but you just take your foot in the ass girlfriend, Craig Robinson in the role of Nick, a man with one of the worst jobs in the world (see the movie to know what it is) and a girlfriend who betrays him and Rob Corddry as Lou, a drunken failure and suicide. The trio is hilarious and even John Cusack, who for me never look good on a quizzical comedy like this, shows up in shape.

The other interesting point of the movie hot tub time machine is that for us, spectators, the trio plus the nephew of Adam actors appear as normal older. However, in the eyes of all in 1986, they are young as they were at the time (his nephew, Jacob, played by Clarke Duke, does not change the appearance or our eyes or the eyes of staff, 1986).

In addition, the 80, already well represented by the John Cusack (Sixteen Candles, Better Off Dead, Eight Men Out and Say Anything, among others), with the presence of none other than Chevy Chase. I love Chase and not seen for a long time in movies. Its tip, a “handyman” mysterious hotel in the host’s friends, I remembered the tip of Bill Murray in Zombieland.

Still on the 80, the knowledge of the characters about time travel is exclusively classic films of that era such as Back to the Future and Terminator. There are several hilarious moments at the expense of these great works.

But the movie is not just joy. First, despite portraying very well the 80s, with songs and tacky clothes and features, it is set in a ski resort, which makes their connection with the 80 countries like Brazil more difficult. But that in itself is not a big problem, just a detail that made me suspicious. The main point is that the mess due to the film, basically represented by the absurdly politically incorrect attitudes Lou begins to decrease from the second half, culminating in situations moralizing completely decontextualized. It would be much cooler if the movie ended in the biggest disgrace in place of the politically perfect.

In any case, worth the trip to the cinema.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Cameron Diaz in “What Men Want”

The beautiful and award-winning actress Cameron Diaz, who turns 38 years on June 30, is listed to star in the romantic comedy What Men Want, which is a kind of continuation of comedy with Mel Gibson, What Women Want, which was an enormous success in 2000.

The roadmap will be signed by Pete Chiarelli, the same responsible for the text of “The Proposal“.

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