Rabia (2009) Review

One of the most important Latino directors of the decade, Sebastian Cordero, released in Colombia on Friday his latest film, Rabia, an adaptation made by himself from a successful novel of the Argentine Sergio Bizzio, a prolific writer, filmmaker and musician whose story entitled “Cynicism” was the basis of the annotated debut XXY, his wife, the filmmaker Lucia Puenzo.

Rabia is a psychological drama which tells of an impossible love, claustrophobic and ironically so close. Jose Maria is a Mexican immigrant seeking a better life in Spain, where he works as a laborer. For his part, Rose is a delicate and sweet Colombian working as domestic maids in a family home.

Similar experiences have had these two characters are united in a deep and sincere love despite being so different,  Ceramic Tiles. Rosa has learned to accept with resignation that is in a country that does not belong, while Jose Maria repressed all that atmosphere of xenophobia that surrounds them and turn into a being full of resentment, jealousy and dangerously compulsive disorder.

Love and hate, come together when Jose Maria vent all that it contains with the foreman who works for killing him. The choice of this character is hiding in the attic of the big house where his girlfriend. The perfect hideaway for his crime solving with immediacy, but at the passing of the hours, days, months, you become a being immersed in the anonymity that hears, sees but is not entitled to “vote.” An immigrant more submerged in a developed country who might care little or nothing.

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“Paranormal Activity 2” (2010) Movie Review – IMDB

Following tinkered too quickly to enjoy the surprise victory of 2009, “Paranormal Activity 2” uses the same tricks to screw up before the end. As Halloween movie, we should perhaps look elsewhere for entertainment properly.

There is probably no genre that sees new versions arrive as quickly as horror. These are often features films that cost almost nothing to do and that attract crowds. This was the case last year’s surprising “Paranormal Activity“, repeating the codes of “Blair Witch Project” to provide a scare as funny and effective. As good ideas often take time to germinate, the reflex is to go to a sequel that should make sense to mass.

That’s where this production, which arrives much like the previous one. People living in a beautiful house hear noises disturbing. The dog barks, the baby cries and over the days, a veiled threat is becoming more and more expansion. The devil may be present, and the viewer looking through surveillance cameras (an idea of the father to protect his family) or a mobile camera (uses more often than not the girl teenager who can make the transition from the narrative).

The premise is the same … and it does not deviate one iota for at least the first hour. What was so refreshing in 2009 now feels deja vu. Although Tod Williams replaces Oren Peli to completion, the changes remain cosmetic. Good ideas of the scenario (the birth of a child who may be wavering family balance, the daily sometimes heated between a girl and her stepmother, etc..) Are rapidly evacuated to the benefit of easy and obvious, which are yet to jump two or three occasions.

Fear of the dark and the unknown has always encouraged the directors to do as little as possible, betting everything on their gloomy mood disorder that develops and disturbing atmospheres. This logic is scuttled in the last half hour, probably less sonorous than the first 60 minutes, but that seems artificial and plated. As if the distributor, after seeing the first version that is singularly lacking in suspense and intrigue, had decided to alter the assembly to provide a cross between unremarkable “Poltergeist” and “[REC]”. Instead, it might have been better change of actors who are not always credible.

Without bringing back in return, “Paranormal Activity 2” feels the effort made in a hurry to enjoy the windfall of October has always been the month’s premier horror film. This will undoubtedly be the case with this one, which could be a success because of its low production cost. But if a third derivative is born, hope it does not look like a mere substitute for what has gone before.

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LOS ANGELES – The cats and dogs of “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” have all kinds of super-spy gadgetry and training at their disposal: jet-packs, tricked-out collars, the works. But they come from a long and lovable tradition of live-action animal movies — ones that were simpler and sweeter, which seem to be in short supply these days, given the eye-popping sophistication of computer animation.

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