“The Road” Movie Review

“A film difficult, distressing and surprising. Represents a profoundly respect. “ Paul Villaca, Cinema em Cena

“Transposes the screen McCarthy’s novel with a fidelity more than estimated, and ability to transfer to the spectator the despair and helplessness of life adventure of their protagonists.” Manuel Marquez, The Armchair

“It presents an interesting thesis on morality and humanity, but gets lost in its development.” Rotten Tomatoes

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A journey in search of inner fire

A movie that perfectly recreates the unconditional love of a father for his son, a film that makes us think how we should act against an apocalyptic situation and a great performance by Viggo Mortensen, are the aspects that are rescued from The Road, a movie directed by John Hillcoat, which however lacks consistency and lost in our memory minutes after leaving the theater.

The Road (The Road) is based on the novel written by Cormac McCarthy won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and creator of works such as No Country for Old Men, a book that in 2007 also led to the movie by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, After winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

It is an apocalyptic story, in which Viggo Mortensen plays a father who is forced to start, with his young son, a long journey south seeking shelter and trying to find the few remaining human beings, after a severe winter would make it all destroyed, making many good men in dangerous cannibals.

The movie is dark, sad and part of a relationship of unconditional love and sacrifice father and son. A picture that will make everyone who sees the tape, thinking about the most extreme situation you can live on Earth, their loved ones in their dreams, their fears, and how far they could go to save their lives .

Photography is one of the great technical triumphs of the movie, which was by the great Javier Aguirresarobe, and which won a BAFTA Award nomination.

Three major actors involved in this movie. First find Oscar winner Charlize Theron, who plays in a manner acceptable to a mother and wife who is unable to hold on to your family to continue fighting for survival, the Oscar winner Robert Duvall also in contrast, makes its appearance in the movie playing a lonely old man and a warrior in his own struggle against death. Duvall was here just a few minutes, but these suffice to show that although short dialogue interpreter talent is always present. Finally we find the heart of the movie, Viggo Mortensen, who plays his part in an absolutely brilliant and authentic.

A sensitized movie, reminiscent of the truly important things in life and family.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 2011!

After leaving a photo of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a video network crashed in the scenes of the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 4, which take place in Hawaii.

In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Jack Sparrow (Depp) intersects with an old flame (Cruz), and is in doubt what the intentions of the woman: is true love or a game to get to the Fountain of Youth? But then she Sparrow force to enter the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s boat (Ian McShane), his enemy, and the captain more swashbuckling movie gets lost between the two figures that frighten you.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4, is directed by Rob Marshall and should arrive in theaters on May 20, 2011, in 3D.

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Let the Right One In IMDB

Directed by Tomas Alfredson.
Cast: Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson, Per Ragnar, Henrik Dahl, Karin Bergquist, Peter Carlberg, Ika Nord, Mikael Rahm, Karl Robert Lindgren.

Not today that Hollywood is losing space and moral in fantastic films for other countries.

In recent years, for example, there were Korean films, French and Spanish that have become cult following among buffs film. Big names have been bandied about and promising to represent the future of the genre, suspense and fantasy genre for Americans seems to have stalled altogether. France came out nervous and compelling works such as The Invader Martyrs and the Spaniards sent see in Pan’s Labyrinth and REC and the Koreans have shown in Spirits – death is on your side of ghosts and other films your dose of fear. This only for reference, because there are many more examples that neither sequerchegaram here.

Among the countries there is also Sweden, a country with a respectable film resume, and who now and then revisits the genre with much praise. It is there that has let her through, a film that shows the friendship between a boy with a reputation for losing and a very strange girl who soon proves to be a vampire.

The idea is nothing new. The issue that involves heroism and curse is already known to the public for a long time, but here the director Tomas Alfredson not even want to start a revolution in the genre, nor distort the basic concepts known, but a story of romance and terror with a subtlety out of the ordinary.

Oskar is a very light haired boy, who spends most of time alone. Without friends, the guy is a punching bag for other kids in school, and with a growing desire to take revenge on his tormentors. One day he moved into the apartment next to a gentleman and a mysterious girl named Eli, even stranger. In their wide innocent, Oskar ignores the fact that Eli only leave the house at night, and amid the icy landscape of the night, she is unable to feel the cold.

At the same time, there are several horrible murders in the city, and are clearly linked to the photon gentleman who just moved with the girl walking with a suitcase full of accessories strangers. Eli has twelve years and can not remember when her birthday and Oskar feels quite attracted by it. And that’s where the movie gets a layer of sensitivity, showing the transition from adolescence telling the love story between two rejected. And even knowing the real secret of Eli, Oskar not escape her, but is closer to “letting it go” because his innocence and age make it easier to link with the costumes. And that’s the point of maximum let her walk, which has gained audiences wherever he goes, and leaves thinking long after, mainly by its booming twists.

The Americans, with an eye, they tried to put its version, and try to fool the unwary that it is an original version. The remake will be done by director Matt Reeves who directed Cloverfield.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

“Up in the Air” Movie Review

Up in the AirIMDB

Director: Jason Reitman
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Danny McBride, Vera Farmiga, Melanie Lynskey, George Clooney.

This is another movie cliche about novels (possible and impossible), disagreements loving and somewhat self-help built into almost all the dialogues. It is the style that has been called “romantic comedy.”

The movie is not really so bad, but not excited. Clooney lives a guy who spends most of his time traveling on behalf of his work: firing people. His biggest hobby is to collect miles in search of a great magic number of miles that will give you ultra special benefits (and eternal) in the airline. Logical that because of this back-and-forth endless he has no fixed home, in every sense of the term but do not really care for it, since it also shows a person averse to relationships that can hold onto land.

Sure, this routine will be broken by a series of events, including an romance made of meetings in hotels. Of course this will also become one … Well, you better stop here lest tell the whole movie in a single paragraph and disrupt the enjoyment of those who think they have some fun in this type of movie.

From the director of Juno, the movie gets to have algums nice moments, like introductory sequence where the director uses to great resources to show the routine character in one of his many trips. But that’s it.

One thing that bothers a little is the issue of marketing for the airline. They lose no opportunity to make the company payola, his modus operandi, its relationship with customers who fly a lot and so on. At first it seems cool, because it is one of the goals of life of Clooney’s character get to the top of the world of mileage, but over time becomes unnecessary. Suggests that the film was bought, literally.

Because of the presence of George Clooney’s women will say it is worth seeing the movie anyway. Well, like not even being discussed.