The Financial Times has announced that MGM is waiting to make way for the new film about the agent 007 and is titled Bond 23. In fact they are planning to release a new series whose consequences reach the screen every two years.

MGM is expected to EON Productions, which monitors the development of James Bond films, make arrangements to make this new project a reality.

The sequel is expected to be released in November 2012 and starring Daniel Craig again. In this English actor we will see shortly in the American adaptation of the bestselling novel “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, of Stieg Larsson’s late writer. This film is directed by David Fincher (The Social Network), is in its filming stage and its release is scheduled for December 2011.

MGM Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the beleaguered film studio, filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday as part of a reorganization plan that would help it shed more than $4 billion in debt and hand control over to a group of hedge fund creditors.

MGM, which filed in the Southern District of New York, is planning a prepackaged bankruptcy case, meant to shorten its stay in Chapter 11 protection. The film studio expects to win confirmation of its reorganization plan in about 30 days.

MGM added that it and its largest creditors had reached a settlement with the investor Carl C. Icahn, in which the company would limit the role of the executives from Spyglass Entertainment who will run the studio. Mr. Icahn will have one seat on the board of a reorganized MGM, bankruptcy certification.

Mr. Icahn had mounted a challenge to MGM’s reorganization, offering to buy out smaller creditors in an attempt to thwart the vote on the plan. The company needed the support of investors representing about two-thirds of its debt and more than half of its individual creditors to approve the prepackaged bankruptcy plan.

The company said last week that it had the overwhelming support of its creditors, who were being led by JPMorgan Chase and two hedge funds, Anchorage Advisors and Highland Capital Management.

The bankruptcy plan will wipe out the studio’s current owners, a group of investors that includes the buyout firms Providence Equity Partners, TPG Capital and the Quadrangle Group, as well as Sony and Comcast. The consortium took MGM private in 2005 in a deal that saddled the studio with an overwhelming debt burden.

MGM said it had enough cash on hand to support itself throughout its bankruptcy case, and that it planned to borrow about $500 million to finance its operations once it emerged from Chapter 11.

The firm is being advised by Moelis & Company, the law firms Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom and Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern, and the consulting firm Zolfo Cooper. Stephen Cooper, the restructuring veteran, has been a member of MGM’s top management team for months.

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Avatar Will Have Two Sequences

The executive of the 20th Century Fox confirmed to variety that agreed with filmmaker James Cameron make two sequels to the blockbuster film Avatar. Cameron will be responsible for writing and directing the following deliveries that would open in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The negotiations are intended to start shooting late next year.

The film was released worldwide on December 18, 2009, became more than a month, the highest grossing film in movie history to exceed more than $ 1.8 million also obtained by Cameron Titanic.

In the mid-year was a revival of the movie in 7 minutes showcasing previously unseen. Today a post office has reached a collection of USD $ 2,776,022,742.

The film set in 2154, tells the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former Marine of the U.S. military’s paraplegic who is sent to live among Na’Vi, a race of blue humanoid beings living in the exotic lunar planet of Pandora. When Sully Na’vi falls for a rebel against their human beings, ambitious of power, conquering spirit of seeking it is he who will save the lives of the species, plunged into a polluted planet.

This announcement has been made that Sony hopes to have Cameron as director of the new film about Cleopatra, are suspended for now.

The first battle between humans and artificial intelligence company SkyNet is about to occur. The intent to eliminate John Connor (Nick Stahl), a leader of men, the machines send a Terminator cyborg again at his heels: TX (Kristanna Loken). To protect him once more the T-800 cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back to the scene.

The director James Cameron revealed when he learned that the Terminator series would win a third party who did not like the idea since the franchise started by him – both as writer and director – the film should have ended in the second part, both would not take part in this third film. Indeed it seemed strange at the end of the first movie, the Terminator destroys Skynet’s technology lab, the technology shares were the first “Terminator” movie, which would be used to produce modern military weapons. I did not think the third part dispensable, the Terminator had only postponed the day of final adjudication, someday humans would develop these weapons alone. And the Skynet virus would dominate these weapons. The doomsday was inevitable really, just think about it. The 2003 production was not anything amazing, great action, as well as special effects and sound. Excellent!

I like cars, and when I saw the movie “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines“, two of the machines that I see on the dramatic action are the Toyota Tundra pickup truck and the Lexus SC430 hardtop convertible.

Please see the screenshot below:

(Lexus SC430 – click to enlarge)

Used during the Terminatrix introduction scene in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the unfortunate Lexus meets its end shortly into the movie in the vetrinary clinic’s parking lot. The Lexus SC430 is put into action early in the movie when audiences are introduced to Kristanna Loken, who plays the villainous Terminatrix. In a deal with Warner Bros. pictures, Toyota and Lexus supplied the vehicles for the top characters to pilot during dramatic chase scenes.

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Actor intends to direct and star in the film adaptation.

The actor James Franco has bought the rights to adapt of Adderall Diaries, Stephen Elliott, and intends to adapt, direct and star in the film. This is not your first time as director, although it is the first feature film, James has directed short films and also the documentary Saturday Night.

The book centers on a writer who with artistic block, which uses as its inspiration a crime, the trial of Hans Reiser, a programmer accused of killing his wife, whom he met through a Russian dating service.

Stephen Elliott recorded his stream of consciousness under the effects of adderall a methamphetamine, discussing such diverse subjects as his father and Paris Hilton.

Other production information, such as casting and filming and premiere dates were not disclosed.

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