Due Date (2010) Review

Due Date

Most likely, those who hear the name of Zach Galifianakis until last year was going to ask: “Zach what? Who’s that? “. And it could be different, after all, even with a filmography somewhat bulky, lacked an American comedian who hit the submit to the general public. For this turn in his career came with the hilarious Hangover (2009) , one of the best comedies to hit theaters in recent years, with charismatic characters, scenes really able to spark laughter and break, the revelation Galifianakis’s talent. Since then, the actor became regulars on the comedy shows and has amended a number of projects for the cinema.

The first post-movie stardom Galifianakis is Due Date (2010), comedy that marks the meeting of the new star in Todd Phillips, the director of Hangover. If this new partnership could generate double expectations, they increased exponentially with the presence of Robert Downey Jr., an actor more interesting in the role of costar. Unfortunately, A Journey of Birth is only the promise. Even with all this talent involved, it is an uneven comedy and only sporadically funny, in which history does not work on your goals and narrative jokes seem like warmed-over from other productions.

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“Red” Movie Review

“Red” (2010) Movie Review – IMDB

Several good actors are given an appointment in “Red“, an action comedy without head or tail which still have a good time. Provided, of course, let’s expectations at the entrance of the room.

Frank (Bruce Willis) is a former CIA agent. Overnight his head was a price and many people try to kill him. It falls ill, he has just met Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) who sees his life-threatening stroke. To see more clearly, Grandpa decides to meet former comrades, including Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren).

With the ultimate aim to transpose all imaginable comic film, it’s time for “Red” Warren Ellis and the tandem Cully Hamner receive the royal treatment. The writings of only 66 pages long, have been enhanced with a completely stupid scenario that questions the spell bound seniors (those that seem possible to get rid of hand by sending retired) by the through an intense stream of prosecutions and tough scenes.

But please be warned to adhere well to the company. Laughter leads the way and nothing should be taken literally in this story too long but effective, although it had almost no gas at the outset. The introduction, particularly painful, accumulates all the cliches of the genre, like a variation of the recent “Knight and Day ‘, the less relevance.

This improves happily thereafter. Without taking anything away from the couple Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker, their chemistry is far from being flawless. Rather the other characters who manage to make this feature interesting. Starting with John Malkovich, who delivers a delicious performance by paranoid tripped. His puns and his facial expressions prove irresistible, like those of Helen Mirren as a woman who convinces totally armed to the teeth. Few now Morgan Freeman is eventually eclipsed by the secondary distribution, which can count on Karl Urban, Brian Cox, Rebecca Pidgeon, Ernest Borgnine and the ghost too little this Richard Dreyfuss.

Without possessing the passion of a Christopher Nolan, a Zack Snyder or Ang Lee, Robert Schwentke proved a good choice behind the camera. Although the director has completely misled with his previous “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” here it seems quite in his element, playing with the cartoon aesthetic. His staging is dynamic and always appropriate, offering few surprises well fed, which in this way to marry the codes of the Western. Only the music is too intrusive.

Take a “Salt” interesting (which was not the case of production with Angelina Jolie), cross it with “Ocean’s Eleven” and you get a derivative of “Red,” which is anything but a remake of Gilles Carles. Empty but entertaining, the essay is a viable alternative to the much more intellectual ‘The Social Network. As otherwise there is no harm to be fun and this, knowing full well that this same concept and these performers could give something more memorable.

At a time when the success of films such as The Social Network or Inception pushed a lot of people in Hollywood to believe that he was beginning to be a premium to the boldness and originality deal with the aftermath of suites and other rehash, the USA box-office Jackass 3D fly sends this theory. We thought the brand has been (the tv show is over 8 years), but must not forget that the film versions that followed were already well.  In 2010, it appears the stunt, they stick a “3D”, and bingo, $ 50 million in one weekend (with a budget of 20!). In second position, we find the action movie Red, starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker, who made an honest start with 22.5 million. OMG, with this money I can buy a lot of hermle clocks. He will however remain to repay its budget (58 million).

Among the older releases, The Social Network continues to maintain and should not stop there (-28.8%, 63 million in three weeks for 50 budget). Secretariat partly offsets its start in effete losing only 25.1% of viewers in second week (27.5 million budget for 35). Bides confirmed to Guardians of Ga’Hoole (46 million a month for 80 budget) and My Soul to Take, the new Wes Craven (-53.8% in week 2 and 11.9 million raised).

The first battle between humans and artificial intelligence company SkyNet is about to occur. The intent to eliminate John Connor (Nick Stahl), a leader of men, the machines send a Terminator cyborg again at his heels: TX (Kristanna Loken). To protect him once more the T-800 cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back to the scene.

The director James Cameron revealed when he learned that the Terminator series would win a third party who did not like the idea since the franchise started by him – both as writer and director – the film should have ended in the second part, both would not take part in this third film. Indeed it seemed strange at the end of the first movie, the Terminator destroys Skynet’s technology lab, the technology shares were the first “Terminator” movie, which would be used to produce modern military weapons. I did not think the third part dispensable, the Terminator had only postponed the day of final adjudication, someday humans would develop these weapons alone. And the Skynet virus would dominate these weapons. The doomsday was inevitable really, just think about it. The 2003 production was not anything amazing, great action, as well as special effects and sound. Excellent!

I like cars, and when I saw the movie “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines“, two of the machines that I see on the dramatic action are the Toyota Tundra pickup truck and the Lexus SC430 hardtop convertible.

Please see the screenshot below:

(Lexus SC430 – click to enlarge)

Used during the Terminatrix introduction scene in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the unfortunate Lexus meets its end shortly into the movie in the vetrinary clinic’s parking lot. The Lexus SC430 is put into action early in the movie when audiences are introduced to Kristanna Loken, who plays the villainous Terminatrix. In a deal with Warner Bros. pictures, Toyota and Lexus supplied the vehicles for the top characters to pilot during dramatic chase scenes.

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“The Road” Movie Review

“A film difficult, distressing and surprising. Represents a profoundly respect. “ Paul Villaca, Cinema em Cena

“Transposes the screen McCarthy’s novel with a fidelity more than estimated, and ability to transfer to the spectator the despair and helplessness of life adventure of their protagonists.” Manuel Marquez, The Armchair

“It presents an interesting thesis on morality and humanity, but gets lost in its development.” Rotten Tomatoes

Official Site: http://www.theroad-movie.com/

A journey in search of inner fire

A movie that perfectly recreates the unconditional love of a father for his son, a film that makes us think how we should act against an apocalyptic situation and a great performance by Viggo Mortensen, are the aspects that are rescued from The Road, a movie directed by John Hillcoat, which however lacks consistency and lost in our memory minutes after leaving the theater.

The Road (The Road) is based on the novel written by Cormac McCarthy won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and creator of works such as No Country for Old Men, a book that in 2007 also led to the movie by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, After winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

It is an apocalyptic story, in which Viggo Mortensen plays a father who is forced to start, with his young son, a long journey south seeking shelter and trying to find the few remaining human beings, after a severe winter would make it all destroyed, making many good men in dangerous cannibals.

The movie is dark, sad and part of a relationship of unconditional love and sacrifice father and son. A picture that will make everyone who sees the tape, thinking about the most extreme situation you can live on Earth, their loved ones in their dreams, their fears, and how far they could go to save their lives .

Photography is one of the great technical triumphs of the movie, which was by the great Javier Aguirresarobe, and which won a BAFTA Award nomination.

Three major actors involved in this movie. First find Oscar winner Charlize Theron, who plays in a manner acceptable to a mother and wife who is unable to hold on to your family to continue fighting for survival, the Oscar winner Robert Duvall also in contrast, makes its appearance in the movie playing a lonely old man and a warrior in his own struggle against death. Duvall was here just a few minutes, but these suffice to show that although short dialogue interpreter talent is always present. Finally we find the heart of the movie, Viggo Mortensen, who plays his part in an absolutely brilliant and authentic.

A sensitized movie, reminiscent of the truly important things in life and family.

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