Rabia (2009) Review

One of the most important Latino directors of the decade, Sebastian Cordero, released in Colombia on Friday his latest film, Rabia, an adaptation made by himself from a successful novel of the Argentine Sergio Bizzio, a prolific writer, filmmaker and musician whose story entitled “Cynicism” was the basis of the annotated debut XXY, his wife, the filmmaker Lucia Puenzo.

Rabia is a psychological drama which tells of an impossible love, claustrophobic and ironically so close. Jose Maria is a Mexican immigrant seeking a better life in Spain, where he works as a laborer. For his part, Rose is a delicate and sweet Colombian working as domestic maids in a family home.

Similar experiences have had these two characters are united in a deep and sincere love despite being so different,  Ceramic Tiles. Rosa has learned to accept with resignation that is in a country that does not belong, while Jose Maria repressed all that atmosphere of xenophobia that surrounds them and turn into a being full of resentment, jealousy and dangerously compulsive disorder.

Love and hate, come together when Jose Maria vent all that it contains with the foreman who works for killing him. The choice of this character is hiding in the attic of the big house where his girlfriend. The perfect hideaway for his crime solving with immediacy, but at the passing of the hours, days, months, you become a being immersed in the anonymity that hears, sees but is not entitled to “vote.” An immigrant more submerged in a developed country who might care little or nothing.

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Unthinkable Trailer

Unthinkable – Coming Soon on Blu-ray and DVD – September 13th

Check out the trailer below the synopsis:

A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons sets to detonate in the U.S. | Full synopsis »

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While Ryan Reynolds does not turn the light on Green Lantern, he will have to be away with the clarity of a phone, a lighter and a few accessories under six feet of earth in Buried.

The new poster (below) increases the size of agony that you want to pass to the viewer.

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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrives to premiere of Warner Bros. AFP – “Inception,” the sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio, topped the North American box office for a second straight weekend, holding off a challenge by Angelina Jolie’s spy action film “Salt,” final receipts showed Monday.

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Reuters – Angelina Jolie whipped up Soviet-era nostalgia and patriotism for Mother Russia at the Moscow premiere of her spy thriller “Salt.”
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