“Saw 3D” Movie Review

“Saw VII is a film which paid out within what has been this franchise. The film does not approach what was its original version but it is much better than the sequels that will follow … So you went you your movies, Saw 3D is what are you waiting for, although it could be the favor of skipping the 3D . Screen Rant

“After seven Halloweens, the Saw franchise comes to an end with applause in this release, however, something tells me that Jigsaw never have had so many sequels.” – Mack Rawda, Cinema Blend

Official Site: http://www.saw3dmovie.com/

After six years of continuous delivery after another of the Saw franchise, we have reached the final game, one we can clear all the unknowns of this ruthless and deadly game that many fans and detractors managed to accumulate.

The final chapter has just become the biggest opening box office weekend in the United States with a collection of more than $ 24 million. As many know, the film has heightened expectations as the first of all the consequences which is displayed in 3D.

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At a time when the success of films such as The Social Network or Inception pushed a lot of people in Hollywood to believe that he was beginning to be a premium to the boldness and originality deal with the aftermath of suites and other rehash, the USA box-office Jackass 3D fly sends this theory. We thought the brand has been (the tv show is over 8 years), but must not forget that the film versions that followed were already well.  In 2010, it appears the stunt, they stick a “3D”, and bingo, $ 50 million in one weekend (with a budget of 20!). In second position, we find the action movie Red, starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker, who made an honest start with 22.5 million. OMG, with this money I can buy a lot of hermle clocks. He will however remain to repay its budget (58 million).

Among the older releases, The Social Network continues to maintain and should not stop there (-28.8%, 63 million in three weeks for 50 budget). Secretariat partly offsets its start in effete losing only 25.1% of viewers in second week (27.5 million budget for 35). Bides confirmed to Guardians of Ga’Hoole (46 million a month for 80 budget) and My Soul to Take, the new Wes Craven (-53.8% in week 2 and 11.9 million raised).

The release leverages the weekend of Valentine’s Day.

Paramount Pictures has confirmed that the biopic in 3D of the singer’s teen Justin Bieber will be launched in the U.S. on February 11, to enjoy the weekend of Valentine’s Day.

Directed by Jon Chu, the film tells the story of the rise of teen star to fame, focusing on how the internet helped him achieve success. Among the scenes is the show that Bieber did the day August 31 at Madison Square Garden in New York, filmed with 3D cameras.

The Director Chu, of Step 3D, also known thanks to the web. Before coming to Hollywood, he made the video series The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, who became a phenomenon on YouTube.

The film is produced by Magical Elves, which produces the reality show Top Chef.

After two weeks at the U.S. box office champion, The Mercenaries were not able to overcome the premieres and fell to third place. Sylvester Stallone’s film grossed $ 9.5 million, down 44% over the last week. Who’s got the first place was the horror The Last Exorcism, produced by Eli Roth movie about a priest called to perform an exorcism in a small town in the southern United States, which made 21.3 million dollars.

Just below The Last Exorcism, was Takers, another premiere week. The production features some familiar names in the cast, including Matt Dillon, Paul Walker and Zoe Saldana, and tells the story of a group of robbers who ends up being pursued by two detectives after a big hit. Takers grossed $ 21 million and nearly took the first place.

With these two premieres, virtually all movies have suffered decline over the last week. The exceptions were due to The Other Guys, action-comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, which remained in fifth place with over 6.6 million dollars, and adventure playground Returns Nanny McPhee Returns, who sustained the eighth place earning 4 7 million.

The week also had another highlight: the reestreia Avatar, now with additional scenes. While the absolute numbers left much to be desired, with only 4 million raised, the film by James Cameron got the third best average in U.S. dollars for x room, behind the two premieres of the week. Still, the extended edition of Avatar could not appear in the Top Ten.

Check below the ten biggest box office weekend in U.S.:

1 – The Last Exorcism – $ 21,300,000 (total tax revenue: $ 21,300,000)
2 – Takers – $ 21,000,000 ($ 21,000,000)
3 – The Mercenaries – $ 9,500,000 ($ 9,500,000)
4 – Eat, Pray, Love – $ 7,000,000 ($ 60,716,000)
5 – The Other Guys – $ 6,600,000 ($ 99,300,000)
6 – Vampires Suck – $ 5,300,000 ($ 27,912,000)
7 – The Source – $ 5,105,000 ($ 270,749,000)
8 – Nanny McPhee Returns – $ 4,743,000 ($ 17,020,000)
9 – Love Matches – $ 4,658,000 ($ 16,484,000)
10 – Piranha 3D – $ 4,308,000 ($ 18,272,000)

The Animation now totals $ 997.5 million and this weekend will become the second Disney film to pass $ 1 billion in the same year.

Toy Story 3 is the highest grossing animation history and this weekend should reach a new record by passing the mark of $ 1 billion in worldwide box office. According to the Hollywood Reporter, to achieving this figure, Disney will be the first movie company to have two films with $ 1 billion in the same year. The other is Alice in Wonderland.

In the U.S. alone, the sum is over U.S. $ 404.6 million. Until this Thursday, June 27, the long toys grossed $ 592.9 million outside the U.S. market, totaling $ 997.5 million.
“It’s been an incredible year and we could see the Pixar team to join Buzz and Woody to bring them back to the movies and we also saw the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to storm the world. This proves that creative stories created by great professionals is something the public search worldwide, “said Rich Ross, the boss of Disney Studios.