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Director: Marc Forster.
Cast/Voices: Khalid Abdalla, Homayon Ershadi, Zekeria Ebrahimi, Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada, Shaun Toub, Nabi Tanha, Ali Dinesh, Saïd Taghmaoui, Atossa Leoni, Abdul Qadir Farookh, Maimoona Ghizal, Abdul Salam Yusoufzai, Elham Ehsas, Ehsan Aman, Vsevolod Bardashev.

I have not read the book that gave rise to the eponymous movie, but had heard that the atmosphere was heavy plot. And it really has a heavy atmosphere, and even the end does not leave much hope for improvement. The story is set in Afghanistan, around the time of Russian invasion, this invasion which has great importance in the plot of the movie. I do not know what has to autobiographical in the book, since the self is Afghan, but it served no doubt, for the rich detail of the film.

The soundtrack is a highlight of the film, leaving aside the purely popular rhythm, but without losing the roots of the culture of the region. I really liked the performances of the boys, especially the poor boy. Both are part of a story of a friendship almost the level of intensity between Frodo and Sam, but with slightly different features, and much more complex.

I could not help notice the resource used in cameras above the pipes, so far not imagine how it was done, maybe a resource of CGI, but it is extremely well prepared. The photo does not want to leave, in fact, technically the film is very good, except for one issue with sudden cuts that do not have as noticing, a cut of about 10 years at least, without any explanation or mitigation.

Despite the problem I really liked it, and think so worth a given. Maybe learn a little about friendship, idealism, and the importance of who we are and where we came from. Interestingly remembered Persepolis at times, even has a moment when the protagonist says something like “people must think we’re just a bunch of fools who throw bombs at each other.” Communication and tolerance of differences seems to be still the basic ingredients for a better world.

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