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Movie Review of The Last Exorcism
vf: The last exorcism

Like “The Blair Witch Project”, “The Last Exorcism” turns the horror, making it more emotional and a terrifying series of senseless killings. Lovers will be disappointed with hemoglobin production that accumulates few real shivers, but the others will be surprised by his amazing social and human treatment.

The Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) is disillusioned to his faith, saying he did practice the exorcists in order to collect some money. While it is filmed by a documentary crew to some, the father is deployed in Sweetzer to purge the demon from the body of the girl Nell (Ashley Bell).

Introduced by “Cannibal Holocaust” and re-popularized by “The Blair Witch Project,” the mockumentary has become out of favor, as evidenced by the great public success of “Paranormal Activity” last year. This method is again used here, based largely on the very surprising “(CCC). The protagonist thus appears on the screen, raising the day on his job, telling how he can fool people for a few tricks of legerdemain. His speech, reasoned, and the many situations that follow bring unexpected humor to this type of subject.

Especially since the interpretation is more than satisfactory. All the characters are desperate for truth, beginning with Patrick Fabian, who portrays a quack to perfection in the heart of gold. It is he who carries the movie, using his natural charisma and a few strong aftershocks in the mouth to maintain interest. It is surrounded by good actors little known, especially Ashley Bell, who embodies an astonishing way the angel and the devil.

The fans of the genre, however, must be well informed before they spend their money. It goes on almost nothing and the moments of tension give way to imagination rather than reveal everything. The blood is rare, the audio frame does not jump for anything and there is not a villain who appears every ten minutes to kill the good guys.

The screenplay by Andrew Gurland and Huck Botko is much smarter, focusing on the real detriment of the supernatural, recalling that trauma is usually committed by man and not by an indistinct entity. In this chapter, the attention to detail is more than respectable, with this way of describing poverty in Louisiana and to recall the onerous health care costs in the U.S. which often evaporate the good old American dream.

The conclusion, which contrasts somewhat with the trend of the story, akin to the mythical “Rosemary’s Baby.” The Cartesian hero (who personifies the public)’m always listening to his logic, it happens that it takes the edge. What follows, without really surprise, brings another dimension to the book, which does nothing to sabotage the work done so far by director Daniel Stamn.

Difficult to determine with accuracy if the test found its audience. The trailer seems misleading to speak of followers “Saw”, while the increase is much more subtle and refined. Outside is what the real target audience will also discover the dubious poster for a work that has great potential, but only if giving him time to speak? Nothing is less certain.

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