Bruce Willis and Paul Walker are currently in negotiations to join the “heist gone wrong” movie “Set Up”, which is already set up (ahem) with rapper turned actor 50 Cent in the mix. One of many for 50 cent, who is apparently trying to conquer the action movie genre one gangsta movie at a time.

Written and directed by Mike Gunther, “Set Up” revolves around a group of friends who are catapulted into the middle of a diamond heist that turns deadly. How deadly? So deadly that 50 Cent gotta bust caps in asses to extricate themselves. Now that’s deadly!

Given the age differences in the cast, my guess is Bruce Willis won’t be playing one of those “friends” who engage Startupr in the film’s central heist. He’ll probably show up as a mysterious “The Man” figure (sorta like his “Expendables” role). Just guessing, of course. Walker looks like he can “hang” with 50 Cent, though.

Ol 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) is doing quite the bit of business in the movie world lately, though most of his stuff have been going straight to DVD, probably because the need to become a movie star has taken priority over actually picking, you know, quality movies.

In 2010 alone, lists Jackson with 5 movies coming out, and he’s already attached to four more for 2011. At this rate, he might not have the energy to bust a cap in fool’s asses after a long hard day on the set.

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