The last and awaited film of the Twilight Saga hits screens bringing two big surprises for her audience. The first is a pitched battle leaving the viewer with their fingers firmly on the arm of the chair: the Cullens and company face the powerful Volturi clan in a fierce clash that leaves many casualties along the way. No condescension and, even though the public aware that good will prevail, there will be no suffering and loss.

Shortly after the tension and drama of that moment, which made me believe that the franchise had come to a close honest and courageous, respecting the intelligence of his audience, comes the second surprise. This is kind of a cold water bath in a stream of cold Forks. Something I can not detail here not to spoil the surprise of the spectator in front of novelty, even though this is far from welcome. What I can say is that this lack of narrative daring only ratifies the Twilight series as one of the faces of all time.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 starts exactly where the last film ended. After nearly losing his life in giving birth to Renesmee, Bella is finally transformed into a vampire. The beginning of the film is devoted to entertain fans showing the love of Edward having to deal with their newly acquired powers. Leftover up to Jacob, who takes a beating from the vampire mom for having imprinted by his daughter – a sort of love at first sight without sexual connotation that makes the werewolf devote himself to protect his target.

The conflict occurs when the Volturi think Bella and Edward are the parents of a child immortal, which is considered a serious crime between vampirada. They know that, in fact, was conceived Renesmee when Bella is still human, so is half mortal, half immortal. When the Cullens discover that the Volturi are going to punish them for the crime, gather resolve – among his friends and family – witnesses to convince the Italian clan that is wrong. The problem is that Aro, the leader of the Volturi, seems more interested in increasing the power of his family than be fair. This brings us to the aforementioned good surprise.

Twilight of a youth

I watched all the movies of the franchise in sequence, one per day, before seeing the conclusion. Tried to identify the points that made Twilight a blockbuster so overwhelming. The culmination of the love story of Edward and Bella begins actually with the editorial success of the series of books by Stephenie Meyer, which in the 21st century could become bestseller drinking source of Romanticism, the literary movement arose in Europe after the French Revolution.

It is a love story with a supernatural touch, but the fact is that this is in the background. The common thread of books and movies is sweeping the passion between the couple, a love idealized, exaggerated, based on individualism and selfishness – hallmarks of Romanticism – but that can also explain the easy identification with the young today, it seems gravitate around his navel.

Bella wants Edward and that’s what matters most to you, your father doing cat and shoe over the movies. Charlie is a character as imaginary as the vampires and werewolves because, despite loving daughter, remains throughout plot a passive stance, a kind of adolescent dream of someone wishing to escape from parental control.

To complete the package attractive to the teen audience, especially girls, we love idealized and exaggerated the couple of players. Edward shows a gentlemanly not befitting our age: flees physical contact and only want to have his beloved after marriage. Bella, meanwhile, seemingly out of a nineteenth-century novel: young, intelligent and yet humble, friendly and dedicated. Clumsy and shy, winning the adoration of the two heartthrobs of history, which sets up the desire of any girl who lives the drama does not fit the standards of beauty and behavior increasingly demanding society.

Stephenie Meyer a literary movement drew inspiration from the past to write their best sellers. The film saw the potential of the story and took Edward and Bella on screen, turning the Twilight Saga into worldwide success. A fairy tale grimace and anachronistic is the blockbuster among young 21st century.

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