Movie Review of This Movie Is Broken

A must for any hardcore fan of the band Broken Social Scene, “This Movie Is Broken” by Bruce McDonald compensates a story almost non-existent by some good flash poetic and an excellent soundtrack.

Bruno (Greg Calderone) wakes up next to the fantasy of his existence: the beautiful Caroline (Georgia Reilly). He has always revered, and when it is so close to him, the young woman must leave the same day for Paris. Her sigh is only a few hours to convince him to stay, and any risk to play the show of Broken Social Scene, training favorite lady. Where the hell is this happening that can go backstage to see more closely at these musicians?

In addition to offering some of the best English Canadian feature films in recent years (with “The Tracey Fragments” and “Pontypool”), filmmaker Bruce McDonald has always had a soft spot for music, spending many trials. In the acclaimed writer/director Don McKellar, he decided to build a love story that has often only an excuse to show his favorite band.

Training cult variable geometry with members scattered everywhere (Feist, Metric, Stars, etc..), It is indeed Torontonians Broken Social Scene dominating the scene. The film, which opens with the extraordinary “Almost Crimes” of the legendary album “You Forgot It in People”, will show several of their compositions in action. These are melodies that lead the ball to the delight of their fans. Especially since their pool of fans may increase by the end of the credits.

But what about the portion of film? Since the connection is treated in the mode of fiction and not documentary, there is a section that seems extremely simple romantic take less and less importance to the narrative. A man loves a woman and both love the same music. The performers, charismatic, can count on a mounting alarm, who knows how to create poetry from the body, lips and faces of his characters. A bit like the “Requiem for a Dream” or “Memento”, the Bodies are beautifully and happiness.

Unlike “9 Songs” or “Nick and Norah Infinite Playlist” that leave the music to the desire to extrapolate (with or without sex), “This Movie Is Broken” may have frustrated more than one scenario with nonexistent addresses that timidly and band fantasy. Outside this thin slice of everyday life stretched over 90 minutes is sometimes the chaos of existence, of these hormones in action and those heads that reason too, thinking instead of acting. It is also the best way to describe the rock nervous Broken Social Scene. There are so chaotic energy that words have no reason to exist, otherwise than by universal sounds to ordinary mortals. This course does not replace a real stage performance, but faute de mieux, it is still possible to have a good time. By being warned to go but first and foremost for the compositions and not the concept of cinema.

This post was written by Jeff H.

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