A few months ago, Moneyball, with Brad Pitt hit theater. In it was presented to the new reality of baseball, where numbers and technical analysis based on the statistics were enough to build a good team. Nothing in the eye, psychological side or anything like that, the player was a machine where only their personal care brands. Less than a year later, Trouble with the Curve comes to recognizing circuit this scenario, but willing to show that this is not so that the band plays.

We could say that the feature film debut of director Robert Lorenz is a kind of anti-Moneyball, just by recognizing the presence of the old guard in the art of riding a good team. In our case, it is represented by Gus Lobel, a veteran scout who relies only on his experience of years in the role, completely disregarding the gadgets offered by modernity. To interpret it, called the Lorenz old partner Clint Eastwood, who specializes in playing tough characters and with a certain amount of grumpiness. It then formed the ideal setting for over 111 minutes, it is stipulated exaltation at the expense of the classic modern, as if one necessarily needed to defeat the other, without any chance to coexist peacefully.

It is from this clash of old versus the new that the whole plot of Trouble with the Curve is presented, either in the methods adopted by Gus and Phillip (Matthew Lillard, the defender of statistics) or the physical limitations involved. This is a situation so simplistic, by betting on stereotypes instead of analyzing both sides, the film soon becomes very predictable. The other subplots also uncooperative, with characters absolutely obvious. After all, what to expect from the daughter who resolves to help his father in what may be his last job as a scout, going over the historical disagreements that have? Or frustrated player – single, it is important to emphasize – trying his luck as scout and approaching father and daughter? It does not take a genius to deduce what the walk of history.

In midst of so many clich├ęs, which ends up holding the feature film is just the charisma of the cast. Especially Amy Adams, who shines naturally transmitted by the scene. Clint Eastwood is also well to compose a well-known character, the tough guy who hides the affective side, but loses strength because we did not bring something new to this type of role. But Justin Timberlake already fulfilled its role convincingly, without shine or compromising. As a whole, Trouble with the Curve ends up being a naive movie for betting on simplifications and beaten stereotypes, which features a cast well above history offered to the viewer. 6/10

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