Up in the AirIMDB

Director: Jason Reitman
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Danny McBride, Vera Farmiga, Melanie Lynskey, George Clooney.

This is another movie cliche about novels (possible and impossible), disagreements loving and somewhat self-help built into almost all the dialogues. It is the style that has been called “romantic comedy.”

The movie is not really so bad, but not excited. Clooney lives a guy who spends most of his time traveling on behalf of his work: firing people. His biggest hobby is to collect miles in search of a great magic number of miles that will give you ultra special benefits (and eternal) in the airline. Logical that because of this back-and-forth endless he has no fixed home, in every sense of the term but do not really care for it, since it also shows a person averse to relationships that can hold onto land.

Sure, this routine will be broken by a series of events, including an romance made of meetings in hotels. Of course this will also become one … Well, you better stop here lest tell the whole movie in a single paragraph and disrupt the enjoyment of those who think they have some fun in this type of movie.

From the director of Juno, the movie gets to have algums nice moments, like introductory sequence where the director uses to great resources to show the routine character in one of his many trips. But that’s it.

One thing that bothers a little is the issue of marketing for the airline. They lose no opportunity to make the company payola, his modus operandi, its relationship with customers who fly a lot and so on. At first it seems cool, because it is one of the goals of life of Clooney’s character get to the top of the world of mileage, but over time becomes unnecessary. Suggests that the film was bought, literally.

Because of the presence of George Clooney’s women will say it is worth seeing the movie anyway. Well, like not even being discussed.

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