Twilight is still leading, but Muppets back very well to theaters in holiday week

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And the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday without too many problems to overcome the barrier of U.S.$ 200 million. By adding the box office since Wednesday (the day before the holiday) until this Sunday, the fourth film made an estimated 62.3 million. In total, the film has the sum of 221.3 million dollars just in the United States and nearly 500 million worldwide. The result in the United States, however, is still below New Moon, in the same period had 230 million in the safe.

The penultimate film in the Twilight series consumes the mortal love Bella with Edward the vampire, and the fruit of this relationship ignites a war with the wolves and the Volturi.

In second place, The Muppets showed that many people still want to see the stories of rag dolls created by Jim Henson. The film conceived by and starring Jason Segel made 42 million during the holiday. Great result for the average budget of 45 million cost, and excellent news for Disney, which bought the franchise in 2004. In the film, Walter, the biggest fan of the Muppets, is on vacation in Los Angeles along with his friends Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams). When you visit the Muppet Theater, they discover the evil plan of Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to demolish the theater and stay off of the Muppets with the oil that has been discovered there. Kermit then enlists the help of his new friends to gather and Muppets do a telethon to raise $ 10 million and save the theater. The premiere takes place in Brazil this coming Friday, December 2. See the trailer.

Happy Feet 2 is still disappointing at the box office, but at least managed to hold onto the podium. With the $ 18.4 million that made this holiday is U.S.$ 43.8 million, slightly more than the 41 million it made in its original debut weekend and value that is well below the 150 million who claim to have cost to be done. In the sequel, Mano has a son, Erik, who does not like to sing and does not take very good at dancing. Erik runs away and finds a penguin that can fly, Sven. As Mano can compete with the new idol of the puppy?

Continuing with two more firsts for the family oriented, Arthur Christmas and Hugo close the top 5 of the week.

Christmas of Aardman Animation (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run) earned U.S.$ 17 million and took in fourth place with an average of 3,762 houses at the room. Experts believe that the market value should not be worrisome, since the issue should continue to bring people to cinemas by the end of the year. In the line of Santas, Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy) is the only one who still believes in the holiday spirit. His older brother, Steve (Hugh Laurie), heir to the sled, runs with the efficiency and discipline worldwide delivery of gifts, while Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent) is now just another in the grand scheme of distribution. Bill Nighy is the voice of Grandpa Noel, who 136 years to despise all that modernity and says Christmas in his time was much better. Sarah Smith and Barry Cook directed the film, whose script was written by Smith with Borat writer Peter Baynham.

The poster in just 1277 rooms, Hugo made an honorable fifth place with 15.4 million that made the box office, at an average of 12,000 per classroom. The film, which marks the debut of Martin Scorsese in the genre both juvenile and in 3D, follows Hugo (Asa Butterfield), a 12 year old boy who lives in a train station in Paris in the early 20th century. His father, a watchmaker who worked in a museum, dies moments after showing Hugo his latest discovery: an android, sitting at a desk with pen in hand, waiting to write an important message. The problem is that the boy can not connect to the robot, or solve the mystery. The cast is Chloe Moretz, Jude Law, Ray Winstone, Christopher Lee, Helen McCrory, Frances de la Tour, Richard Griffiths, Michael Stuhlbarg and Emily Mortimer. The adaptation of the book of the same name was scripted by John Logan (The Aviator).

Among other firsts, some have turned to the awards season, The Artist has made 210 thousand in just 4 rooms, A Dangerous Method got the best of the week with an average of 241 000 and also 4 rooms and My Week With Marilyn took 2,085 million in 244 rooms.

Check out the top 10 most profitable weekend (amounts in millions of U.S. dollars) in the U.S.:

Pos. Movie

Box Office

Total Box Office

1 Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 $62,32 $221,30 $110
2 Os Muppets $42,00 $42,00 $45
3 Happy Feet 2 $18,36 $43,77
4 Arthur Christmas $17,00 $17,00
5 Hugo $15,38 $15,38
6 Jack and Jill $14,10 $57,41 $79
7 Immortals $12,52 $68,63 $75
8 Puss in Boots $10,37 $135,36 $130
9 Tower Heist $10,19 $65,38 $75
10 The Descendants $9,23 $10,74

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