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“The best aspect of Money never sleeps is his agility. Continuous Gekko hungry and have fun with that but where failure is that the fun goes to melodrama. ” – Perry Seibert, Allmovie

“Michael Douglas in his role as Gekko makes it better as it did 23 years ago.” – Stephanie Zacharek, Movieline

“This movie works best as an escape contundante attractive as a social critique of the financial crisis.” – Robert Denerstein, Moviehabit

“Wall Street is not nearly represent the original but moves in the same waters despite having over two decades and changing market. Test the return of Gekko is a new phrase “greed is good.” – Brad Brevet – Ropeofsilicon

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Though 22 years sounds too, opens at the right time

Wall Street’s small street in Manhattan become the world’s financial center and home to the New York Stock Exchange are the symbol of power and ambition. Behind the walls of the huge skyscrapers whole groups of lawyers and stockbrokers have become the ones who truly hold the reins of the country. With speculation at the right time to have shaken the economy of many, while small and powerful groups consolidate their finances in a perverse and Machiavellian game that translates into a juicy commission or fee.

All this dark world filled with temptations, competitive was that led to Wall Street in 1987, a landmark film of the genre and the time it was directed and co-written by Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas also allowed in his unforgettable role Gordon Gekko, will take the Oscar for Best Lead Actor.

It means then that this new movie, 22 years later, joins the long list of films which have been adopted in the trunk of memories for the studies, however, after what has been constituted as the second Great Depression, no I remember a sequel to be released at a better time.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps begins just as Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released from prison after paying for 20 years in prison for being convicted of crimes of money laundering, securities fraud and organized crime. On leaving no one appears to meet him, not even his daughter Winnie (Carey Mulligan), but far from being out of the market, this business fox preparing a new book that arouses the interest of Jake Moore, a young seller of property that is left seduced by the knowledge of the veterans and the father of the daughter who is getting married. Thereafter nothing shall be equal to the rookie of the bag.

The acquisitive spirit, the essence of the original version, still present in this new version. Hundreds of jobs lost by pressure or professional honor suicide, companies to benefit from the bankruptcy law are part of the dynamic of the story and script that recreates the drama suffered after the declaration of financial and real estate crisis of 2008 in United States .

With the presence of the former cast of Douglas also has a small share of Martin Sheen (Bud Fox), there are players that refresh and modernize the film as Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, Shia La Beouf (Transformers) and Carey Mulligan (An Education .) In these two young and renowned actors lies the most sentimental and love of history that probably many will not like.

Incorporating these two actors in this thriller it does is allow a wider audience go to see the movie, especially those who feel antipathy for silent films such exclusive intellectual or knowledgeable about economic issues and language.

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps is a cool film, entertaining but then lacks the ferocity and cynicism of their original story to spare but not in relation to treason, lack of moral ethics and Stone because it aims to make it very clear with the character of Gekko “who has been, no longer.”

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