What Dreams May Come (1998)

The movie “What Dreams May Come” is a beautiful novel that was based on the book before becoming film. It won the Oscar in 1999, and the cast is fantastic, making the film even more exciting than it already was. The actors who participated in the cast are Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Junior, Max von Sydow, Annabella Sciorra, Jessica Brooks Grant, Josh Paddock, Rosalind Chao, among others, but these are the principal actors that made this movie so special and better quality to the public, since the set of players heavily influences the choice of watching the film, so the director wanted to do everything according to the merit of the book that also became a hit among readers.

The story of a family, being a couple and two children (the oldest boy and girl). A perfect family according to the concepts we have about that word, they were very happy and had a very successful life and may have all the best. But in a typical day, the couple’s children suffer a car accident and died immediately, a tragedy that caused a terrible pain in the feelings of parents, the husband who was a little more focused with their own emotions did everything to keep life, but the children’s mother could not control the feeling I had inside her and it was becoming increasingly depressed. So with the love of her husband she will recover gradually, but on another day her husband also died in another accident. Now with all his family missing, the lone woman can not resist the sorrow and enter into a serious depression, changed the look, no longer worked, and that pain was increasing with each passing day. Meanwhile, her husband tries to get used to new life in spirit form and go his way, he discovers many different things of life on earth, knows many people and is accompanied by his friend that shows you several things that other life.

Until in a moment there in another dimension, he receives news that his wife committed suicide, at the same time receiving the sad news, he’d go after her wherever she is. So he is informed that she is in hell because he took his own life and can not be in the same plane as them. And so begins the struggle to reclaim his wife and get her out of hell, with the help of his friend and an old man who appears to be wiser about issues that horrible place, they arrive until the beginning of hell. But in a certain place, he would have to go it alone and use their feelings and concentration to find it in the middle of all those lost souls. At this point he makes many discoveries, and then goes alone. Finding her, he has little time to try to convince her of the whole situation, but it is not in all conscience, was dominated by madness, so he tries everything and can not convince her. At the last moment of his decision, he tells his father who accompanied him to the place he would get in there with her, so he goes back to her and says his last words before entering completely into her world. And then he ends up saving both of that place with all their true love for her.

This is a film with religious and spiritual concepts, where we can see what is true love and what we can do for that feeling. This is also the subject of reincarnation that is related to spiritualism, heaven and hell that is taught in other religions and the theme of love, which is taught in all religions and philosophies of life. It’s a great movie with a really exciting story that will undoubtedly delight all who have the opportunity to watch or read the book that is more complete and more details. It is worth giving this wonderful story that shows the power of love and how it is used to benefit people, you will certainly be impressed with the movie or the book.

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