What is domain name?

What is domain name?

Domain is the name of a reserved area on a server that indicates the Internet address of a website. The identifier of the Web environment (http://) is not part of the domain. Generally, the field takes the form of name.com if the company is commercial or organization.org if the company is non-commercial. There are also other areas.

Why is it Important to Have an Own Domain?

To acquisition of the domain name of your company, project or product, you can go to an domain availability check and will be critical to your present and your future. This is because, certainly, there’s one time you want to have a website on the Internet and have people visiting your website (the more the better!). And the easiest way for someone to assume your website address (or URL) is putting the name of your company or project or product.com! Because if your company does not have a proper domain available on the Internet, your website address will be something like http://www.yourdomainservice.com/nameofyourcompany.

Failure to obtain the domain name of your company may even lead to lost customers and pain-to-head cool. Imagine if the domain with your company name already registered by another company – which may have the same name as her (or not) and was faster in the domain registry. We have seen several such cases. And, missing the chance to register a domain, its recovery is difficult and costly. See opinion on conflicts between trademarks and Internet names given by Pinheiro Neto Advogados.

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