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The monsters are perfect for adults, but not as fantastic beings may recall that the beautiful fantasy story without end, because they are furry creatures with bulging eyes but look wise, precisely because they are mere puppets, the correct direction of Spike Jonze of this strange fairy tale turns what should be a pleasant fable in a dreamlike story but totally chaotic and adults.

A boy named Max, either an outcast or a child lost and scared is the engine of this story without a story, is about 10 years, has no friends, they turn away, his mom is his all, his best friend but now has a new boyfriend, which confuses what wakes you up better than wild jealousy and feels like any self-respecting human person has ever felt, a nonentity, a voice or vote, a one who is out there.

Lost has to go, feels that nobody wants, nobody would miss him and does what an adult would not be suicide, is rather escape, not Italy as Julia Roberts or Diane Lane, goes by boat to a desert island monster looking for a leader to order them, a god who avoid the sun is extinguished, a being capable enough to control what is uncontrollable in a monster, the savagery.

The orders are given arm disorder, building forts, castles, straw, play shit, wasting time, but beware, between disturbed and disturbed internal conflicts began to see brightly marked and we realize that this is not a movie for children, has become something dangerously aggressive, has begun to tell the truth, to show that we are a desert island, we have people who cares and who they affect our actions. Then we will have spent just 15 minutes and this story ends appeared to be as simple as material developed psychiatric hospital and ends up becoming a savage monster, hard to see, chaotic, there to give her patience and called Carl to create Max is the king, that that becomes the best friend of a primitive society, without law and undeniable desire for a leader, whether a child.

This movie is very sensitive that I would see my son, especially because beyond their disorder is a life lesson, friendship, maturity and responsibility and must be seen with the eyes of a monster, one like the dolls movie, these furry creatures so close to adults, those who have to believe in anything to feel part of this world.

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