Dennis Davern, captain of the yacht that was Natalie Wood before he died, acknowledged in a sworn statement to the Police Department of Los Angeles have given sedatives to the actress, her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken. The information was released by Radar Online site on Monday (21).

“The tense atmosphere has prevailed since the beginning of the cruise, and it was clear to me that Robert Wagner was not happy to entertain his wife’s colleague in ‘Brainstorm’, Christopher Walken aboard this cruise to Catalina Island. During the day , the voltage was increased and I offered to Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner a pill (quaalude), which we all take, “Davern said in the statement.

The captain also reported a fight between Natalie Wood and her husband and consumption of alcohol and drugs, saying he smoked marijuana with Christopher Walken. He admits that he waited before reporting the disappearance to the police the actress.

“More than two hours passed before I finally convinced Robert Wagner for help. He did not ask for professional help. He got in touch by radio with the island and said ‘a person of our boat is missing.’ He did not mention the name Natalie Wood. ”

Dennis Davern said the TV show “Today” on NBC, he lied to investigators 30 years ago, but now ensures that speaks the truth about the yachting trip when Natalie Wood died.

At a news conference on Friday, the Police Department of Los Angeles said he does not consider the actor Robert Wagner suspected his wife’s death, and confirmed that the case was reopened because they had received “substantial enough information” to the investigations were resumed.

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